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About Pahalgam


Settled on the conversion of Lidder River and the stream beginning from Lake Sheshnag, Pahalgam is a pleasant valley. Peacefulness and holiness that wins in the land characterizes the soul of Kashmir. The place that is known for the mild race, it offers amazing viewpoint on the Himalayan Range. For the most part any Pahalgam visit bundle includes a visit to Betaab Valley and Chandanwari (Starting point for Amarnath Yatra). Experience the modest impact of nature in the way of life and the upsurge of rich Kashmir culture at excellent Pahalgam.

Grasping natural beauty, the valley limits itself to a world that is modest yet superb, relaxing yet vibrant. The grand excellence of Aru Valley and Betaab Valley articulates enchantment, though the sparkling waters of Lake Tulian, Lake Sheshnag, and Lake Katernag, Lake Marsar and Lake Tarsar appeal explorers. The sacrosanct entry to Amarnath starts from Chandanwari in Pahalgam.

The valley is additionally a motivation for experience enthusiasts to take up trekking, outdoors and climbing. It likewise offers reasonable open door for trout fishing and water boating too. On the opposite side, the remarkably excellent Pahalgam Golf Course, which is set against marvellous foundation, offers drowsy incredible games time to its guests.

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