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Activities in Jim Corbett

Activities In Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett Tour Packages are perfectly designed for an adventurous, wildlife and nature escape. The scenery of the Corbett National Park and its surrounding areas is filled with spectacular panoramic views of the mountains, lakes, pristine river channels and thick forests. To thrill seekers and nature lovers a holiday in Corbett Park is considered paradise and satisfying. Tourists are always intrigued by the thrilling experience of forest safari and other adventurous activities at this beautiful and tranquil location.

In addition to the popular wildlife safari to explore the forest and see the Majestic Tigers, Corbett National Park India tourists will indulge in activities such as River Crossing, River Rafting, Fishing & Angling, Rappelling, Mountain Climbing, Nature Walk, Birding, Jungle Walking, Cycling, Trekking and so on. Here are the few prime adventure activities that you can enjoy in the Corbett without any difficulty.

Jeep Jungle Safari in Jim Corbett:-

Among all the safari options in Corbett National Park, jeep safaris are the foremost popular. Conducted twice during a day, these safaris are allowed throughout all the buffer zones of the park and allotted during a group of 25-30 jeeps at a time; counting on the zone. Compared to the canters, as these vehicles are smaller in size, they takes you a number of the core areas that are inaccessible by the canters. Though smaller in size, they promise you a particularly enthralling and exciting jungle or wildlife safari within the park.


Summers: just like the canter safaris, jeep safaris during the summer starts at around 06:00 AM to 09:00 AM in the morning. Subsequent batch of jeeps are allowed into the jungles between 03:00 PM – 06:00PM.

Winters: Keeping in mind about the visibility constraint during the winters, the primary batch of jeeps are allowed between 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM within the morning. Following this, the second batch starts at around 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM in the evening.

Zones: Jeep safaris are allowed to all or any the four different zones of the park. However, the amount of jeeps allowed might vary consistent with the Forest Permit. Since the number of jeeps permitted varies according to the zones, it is advisable to book the safaris well in advance. The booking for safari opens 60 days before & can be booked online.

Elephant Safari:-

Spotting a number of the deadly predators alongside other playful dwellers of the park has its own charm and can’t be missed at any cost! But again, if this exciting activity are often done while sitting on the rear of an enormous yet gentle mammal of the park, the fun and excitement will surely become double!

Elephant safari in Corbett is one among the foremost exciting and fun frolic things to try to to .one among the foremost wanted safari options within the park, elephant safari not only allows you the closest encounter with the fascinating charm and therefore the inhabitants of the jungles, but also takes you to a number of the core areas that are almost impossible to access with jeeps or open canters.

In addition, these safaris ensures an ideal eco-tour within the park which successively contributes to the conservation steps of the park. Conducted under the guidance of well-trained and expert mahouts, elephant safaris also ensures maximum safety, fun and excitement to the visitors.

Timings: Elephant safaris are conducted twice during a day; 06:00 – 08:00 within the morning and 03:00 – 05:00 within the evening; timing is applicable for both summer and winter.

Zones: The favoured zones for elephant safari are Bijrani and Dhikala.

NOTE: The safaris can be booked on arrival. There is no system for advance or on-line booking.

Trekking or Nature Walk :

One of the most sought after adventure activities in the Corbett is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers, the nature walk or the trekking in the forest arranged by the professional guides in the nearby thick forest of Corbett. The enchanting scenery of a quiet forest with the calming chirping sounds of the birds and the occasional sounds of wild animals make the trekking a very peaceful experience to bear in mind even. For the morning Jungle Trek refresh your mind and body and enjoy the captivating effect of raw nature.

Cycling :

Cycling on the forest track or on the rocky track in the middle of the raw nature besides farmland has its own beauty. Cycling is pretty popular among children and young tourists in the Corbett, which is very fun in the quiet and calm forest. It is very enriching and enjoyable to spend time in the closeness of nature and the chance to see the village landscape while cycling through the area.

Bird Watching :

The Corbett Park Forest is considered to be the habitat of hundreds of domestic and migratory bird species. The forest is like a paradise for bird lovers, and there are plenty of chances for bird-loving visitors to enjoy the birding while in Corbett. Go birding with your camera to catch the exotic beauty of avifauna while walking through the thick beautiful Corbett forest on earth. . A paradise for the bird watchers, it shelters an outsized number of grey headed eagle, marron orile, crested laughing thrushor, black chinned yuhina. For a way exciting and fun frolic experience, you want to visit this zone during the months of especially from November to June.

In addition to those four main zones, the park also has a number of the secondary sightseeing areas that are equally popular among the visitors.


When it involves the stainless great thing about the Mother Nature, Corbett Park outshines most of the national parks within the entire nation. A perfect home to a desirable range of flora and fauna, its enchanting beauty proves to be a real delight for the shutterbugs. Be it nature or wildlife photography, the bucolic settings and therefore the exotic range of the park’s wildlife entices photographers from most the corners of the planet.

River Rafting :

River rafting on the Kosi River flowing alongside the Corbett National Park is the adventure activity one can participate in while on the Corbett tour. But rafting in the Kosi isn’t as exciting as rafting in other famous rivers as in the Ganga River, but in Corbett you’ll enjoy this adventure activity. River rafting in the Kosi River can only be undertaken during the Monsoon season when the river’s water level is high.

Rope Slithering :

Rope slithering from the old suspension bridge constructed in the Corbett National Park on Kosi River is truly a exciting experience for adventure seekers. The task includes jumping from the Kosi River bridge by slithering onto the rope that is attached to the body of the participant. This bridge is in the serene and quiet place near the Temple of Garjia. The activity is planned and supervised by the professional adventure service provider, so that you have a fun experience with all the required safety measures on top.

River Crossing :

River Crossing is the next thing in Corbett’s adventure line coordinated at Kosi River bank. This activity is a group adventure experience involving crossing the river in a party by taking assistance from the line. The rope is tightly bound at both sides of the river and the participants will cross the river by holding the rope and walking through the water of the river. The operation is conducted under expert guidance.

Body Surfing :

Flowing effortlessly with the river’s current is a soothing and thrilling summer-season adventure. This operation is being coordinated in Kichadi River-a small hilly river that flows close to Corbett Park. The river has crystal clear pools of water and smooth bottom, and is considered perfect for coordinating body surfing. This water game is conducted under the guidance of the professional and it is deemed appropriate for children of the family or school or some other community.

Climbing & Rappelling:-

Rock Climbing and Rappelling are one among the foremost difficult adventurous activities which test your strength against nature. Climbing rocks freehand then rappelling back from them requires tons of strength in your arms and legs and good vertical rocks to try to to it. Corbett park has an abundance of uneven vertical rock formation which might convince be best for both these activities.


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