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Baba Mandir Sikkim

Baba Mandir, Sikkim

A really beautiful and the most respectful temple, The Baba Temple, here, has always been one of the prime sources of attraction for tourists. In the Name of Baba Harbhajan Singh, this place makes you realize the importance of the Indian Army to you. You should really be proud of having such great army-man. To avoid such a place is real sin in terms of nationality, and so you should not. How so this temple is beautiful, the stories related to Baba Harbhajan Singh are equally pleasing to ears. He was a Sentry of Punjab Regiment and was posted here to guard the nation. Even now, he holds the title of “Hero of Nathula”.

According to some sayings, it is believed that after his death too, his soul is still performing his duty. His soul is saving the nation every time, and helping and guarding other army men to the right path. Even after getting the martyred in 1968, his love for nation is so much stronger, that you may realize his presence every time there if you have true love for nation.

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