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Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

It is also called “Darjeeling Toy Train” or the “Mountain Railway of India” that runs New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. If you visit Darjeeling, you should never miss out to enjoy its experience. During the journey on this train, you may see lots of beautiful sights. So, get your camera ready to capture the moments. This train is a perfect example of magical engineering work, and you will feel the same after sitting in it.

Visiting Darjeeling and missing the Toy Train Joyride you may never want to do. The Darjeeling tour is incomplete without taking the ride to the toy train. Got Started in 1881, the train runs at a proper pace, and it always looks amazing to see beautiful sights from the train window.  It’s really very jaw-dropping, and you may be thinking of enjoying the same. If so, then before making the plan, you must know what you need to know about the Toy train in Darjeeling. Just go through this content, and it will surely help you in making the Tour Plan Properly. Your tourism experience will be more cheerful this way.

Why you should have the Toy Train Joyride

Darjeeling is full of various beautiful places. Darjeeling tourism is all about enjoying most of them. But, some of the problems here that you face are a time limit and tedious pathways to some of the locations. So, what’s the best option you have, to enjoy the sightseeing is to have the toy train joyride. Your eyes will be pleased after seeing the beautiful sights from the train.

The train runs neither very slow and nor very fast, and so you may not have any problem in enjoying the sightseeing. You may do the photography too if you wish to. After the ride, you will realize why this Railway deserves a prominent position in UNESCO World Heritage. The Himalayan Railway got the award in late 1999. The Train route covers dense forest from Sukna to Rongtong, Kurseong Tea Garden, Darjeeling Tea Garden, Himalayan Tea Garden and many more. You can also enjoy the Himalayan Pine, Batasia Loop, War Museum, and the three Railway museum at Sukna, Kurseong, and Ghoom stations.

All these places look like a fairy kingdom, and will surely make your day.

Prices are really very pocket-friendly, and you don’t need to have lacs of Rs to enjoy the ride.

Various Packages of Himalayan Darjeeling Toy Train and their costing.

Train authorities offer you three types of packages:-

 1. Daily Passenger Services

Running from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, the train provides AC Chair class and the First Class seat facilities. The AC Class seat will cost you only 1700 INR, whereas the First class seat will cost you 1420 INR. It best suits for sightseeing from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling.

 2. Toy train Joyrides

The train runs between Darjeeling Railway Station to Domjur Railway Station, this ride plan cost you 1500 to 1600 in the First class steam engine, and 1000 INR in the first-class diesel engine. This package includes entry to the Ghoom Museum, and therefore, you will enjoy having the ride under this package.

 3. Safari Trains

The Train runs from Siliguri Junction to Rangtong Station.  Safari Train travel package is the third ride plan that the Himalayan Railway toy train authorities provide. It cost you 700 INR if visiting in the morning, and 1200 INR if visiting at noon if you book the seat under AC Class. If you book the seat under First class under this plan it will cost you 590 INR for the morning tour, and 1000 INR for the noon tour.

Without knowing the way to book the ticket for the toy train, it may be tedious for you to have the ride, and it may also be possible that you may not get the chance at all.  Therefore, it’s important to know the way.

Various Packages of Himalayan Darjeeling Toy Train and their costing.

The process to make the reservation for travel on the joy train, and it’s quite simple to do so.  You can book the ticket either online or offline too. Let’s see both of these ways.

  1. Online Booking: – Online booking is very fast and thus time-saving too. You just need to visit the Indian Railway website IRCTC and do the normal ticket booking. For normal ticket booking, choose the source station code NJP, and the Destination code DJ. If you like having the joyride, choose the Source Station DJ, and the Destination Station DJR. For Safari Package, choose the source station SGUJ (Siliguri Junction), and the destination station Siliguri (SGUD).
  2. Offline Booking: – You can also book the ticket by directly visiting the reservation counter. The steps required are exactly the same as you book any other reservation Ticket. Information about the source and destination stations for choosing a suitable plan is already mentioned above.

Train Schedule

To know the time table for the ride, you may visit the Indian Railway official website.  The short daily joy ride between Darjeeling and Ghoom offers 10 ride services per day during peak season. However, during the Monsoon and Low season, you may find only four ride services per day. See the time table from the Indian Railway official website.

We the “Exotic Miles” provide the evening joy ride to our clients. The cost of having the ride is not, in addition, to the main package, and therefore, the client will have to pay for the same separately.

Conclusion: – The ride is really very joyful, and above all, it saves you time.

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