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“Baisakhi” or the Khalsa Sirjana Divas is widely popular among Sikhs.  It is celebrated as the day when the Khalsa community came into existence. Therefore, it has the holistic importance among them.  It’s a holy day for farmers of Punjab, and Haryana. They celebrate this festival as a thanksgiving to God of grains and land god. In addition to this, they also pray for future prosperity. People celebrate this festival in the month of April every year. On this day, people remember the great Guru Govind Singh and thank him for creating the Khalsa. A true Khalsa must have these five things. They are: –

  1. Kesh
  2. Kangha
  3. Kadaa
  4.  Kachhera
  5. Kripaan

baisakhi festival

You may join the celebration with them though, but to become a Khalsa, you must follow some recommended rituals, and rules. This festival is celebrated by Sikhs all over the nation though, but it’s great to see how the people of Punjab and Haryana celebrate this festival. It’s sure,you will be full of joy after watching this.  The Baisakhi dance, songs, and other rituals can make your day here.  The brave sounds “Jo Boley So Nihaal”, “DegTegFateh”, and “Wahe Guru” will surely endless energy to your heart.

On the occasion, every Guru Dwaara in Punjab, and Haryana get ready as heaven, and you may feel in internal beauty there. During the festival, you may enjoy the Bhanara Dance, and doing shopping in local festive markets. Some of the highly recommended destination during this festival are: – 

  1. Golden Temple of Amritsar, Punjab.
  2. Gurudwara Baba Atal Sahib Punjab.
  3. Gurudwara Satsang Sahib Ambala.

All these places give you true feeling of heaven, and so you feel lots of joy. At these places, you will feel the true devotional beauty along with the historic, and architectural beauty.


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