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Chhath puja

Importance of Chhath Pooja

Chhath pooja and Bihar has an inner depth relation. Here, people celebrate this festival with enormous joy and lots of respect. This Pooja is celebrated at some other parts of India too, but Bihar has its totally different beauty during the occasion. The sweet songs dedicating to chhathi maiyaa looks pleasing to ears. Ladies do their singing in their melodious voice. It feels great to listen to them.

As per Hindu Mythology, People here worship chhati maiyaa is due respect and devotion. Chhathi Maiya is the sister of Lord Sun. As per belief, if ladies perform the arg during this festive, it may grant them long life and happiness to their family, and especially to their sons, and daughters. In 2019, this holy festival is falling on the 2nd of Nov.

In Bihar, it’s basically the four-day pooja. What’s the most attractive to see during this festival is its last day when Ladies give Arg to Surya and his sister Chhathi Maiya. On this day, you may hear lots of melodious songs dedicated to Lord Sun, and Chhati Maiya. Ladies give arg in pounds, rivers, or man-made sources of water built for the occasion. These sources are Chhat ghats. Cracker burning everywhere around the Ghats make them look absolutely gorgeous. You may also enjoy the local festive markets nearby.

Though, but it’s worth watching the way people celebrate this eve in Patna, Buxar, and Munger.


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