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Diwali Festival

Diwali festival

Diwali, the festival of lights, falls on ‘Amavasya’, the darkest night of ‘Kartika’. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and the lifting of the spiritual darkness that envelops the soul.

Hindus celebrate the festival in remembrance of the auspicious date when lord Rama got back to his birthplace, after 14 years of exile. it is also believed that this holy day is the day of goddess Laxmi. Hindus worship the goddess with full devotion and try to make her happy. Burning various type of crackers is the main enjoyment of this festival. All age groups enjoy doing it. Mom or wife at home makes delicious and mouth-watering Pakwaan at home on this eve. It’s always having the fun to taste those delicious meals.At night, we lighten up Deepak at the main door, and at some other places at home.

If you love tourism, you have some really beautiful places to visit during Diwali. It’s always worth-watching to see the Diwali at those places. People at those places use lots of rituals during the festival, and therefore, you will enjoy watching it.

let’s see, some popular destinations to enjoy the Diwali eve.

Best Destinations to enjoy the Diwali. 

Varanasi: –  On the bank of river Ganga, this place is famous for its unique Diwali style, and therefore suggested here. The Dev Deepavali is always pleasing to the eyes.  Thousands of small Diyas on the bank of river Ganga add additional beauty to this place. You may burn a Diya for yourself too. Pujaris doing the aarti with bigger burning Diyas may attract your eyes to watch. It’s really beautiful. You must not miss out this Ganga Aarti during the eve. Festival starts with a bath in holy Ganga. In addition to all this, you may also enjoy shopping in the local festival market. The market is always full of cheap and interesting things during the festive season. Therefore, the place has lots of things to enjoy along with devotion.

Kolkata: – Visting the Kolkata during Diwali will surely give you a different level of enjoyment. It’s always full of excitement to enjoy this festival here. The “City of Rosgulla” reach to the great height of beauty during this festival. People participate in Kali puja and follow lots of rituals. Thousands of burnt Deep, Aarti deep, and the dance of devotees in supreme guidance of divine beauty make this place worth- watching. Sweets of Kolkata is all-time famous, and on the eve of this festival, these sweets look additionally delicious. Shopping in local market arranged on eve of the festival may take you to the next level of joy. Things are usually cheaper in rates here in the market. Also, you must try Rosgulla, and Panipuri here.

Goa: – Famous for beaches, the place is all time tourist destination. However, during Diwali, it’s amazing feeling to have a tour here. During the festival, the place changes into a complete fairyland.  The place of Gambling, Beaches, and rave parties, is also famous for its festive beauty. People celebrate Diwali here in remembrance of the auspicious moment of the killing of Narkasura by Lord Krishna. Just like Ravan, the Narkasura is also burnt here the same way. You may also like visiting the tranquil shores of Goa during the eve. Flickering lights, burning candles, and sweetly lightening Diyas make this place look as beautiful as heaven.


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