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Dussehra also is known as Vijaya Dasami is celebrated as a victory of Ram over Ravana. On this day in Satya Yug, Ram (the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu), killed the ten-headed king of Lanka, Ravana who had abducted Rama’s wife, Sita. Dussehra is the last day of Navratri.

Also, according to another belief, the people also celebrate this festival to thanks Goddess Durga for making the earth free from Mahisasura. The festival is a perfect example of how far the unhappiness maybe, but the smile finds its way anyhow.

Festive markets everywhere, and lots of toys, and eatable delicious items make this place really looks gorgeous.  It’s always enjoyable to have the ride on Taramachi, and other Jhulaas. This festival is full of wonders, and therefore, you have a lot more to enjoy during the eve.

This festival is celebrated all over India except in some parts. But, there are some places that become a lucrative tourist destination during this festive season.

Places to Visit during Dussehra


Whenever here comes the word “Dussehra”, how can one forget the name Kolkata. This festival is one of the prime festivals of Kolkata. The people here, celebrate this festival with lots of joy followed by so many rituals. The whole city gets ready as the land of angles. So many beautiful pandals, the crowded festive market, and traditional ‘Bonedi Bari’ pujas are some of the best attraction here. This festive season really gives you a different filling if enjoyed with eating the Kolkata Rosgulla.


 One of the popular tourist destination, Mysore, is also famous for its Durga puja. People here, celebrate this festival in remembrance of Goddess Durga who made this world free from Mahisasur. Here, people worship the goddess by the name Chamundeshwari. This festival here includes various rituals along with military parades and various cultural performances. The Jumbo Savari, and the special Darvar at Mysuru place make this festival memorable for entire life.


Dushera in Kullu, is the thing to enjoy there if you are in during the season. One of the attractions of the place, this festival gets enlighten with a number of rituals, devotional programs, and so on. The sweet sound of Dhadaks and Narsingha trumpet along with the crispy sound of Himalayan air make this place “WoW”. During the festival, people worship goddess Durga along with around 200 local deities and demigods. Lord Raghunath’s rath yatra is always pleasing the see here in Dhalpur Maidan.


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