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Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami

People celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami as the birthday of Lord Krishna. According to a belief, it is supposed that if a newly married couple worships the lord Krishna on this eve, may grant them a son like Krishna. This is one of the very auspicious festivals in Hinduism. This festive eve looks great everywhere, but it’s always worth watching the festival in places like Mathura, and Dwarka. Krishna Leela performed by locals, Dahi Handi pratyogita, and various other rituals and cultural shows make this festive as if you are in the fairyland. Dandiya Played during the festival is always attractive to watch.

There are many places in India that you must visit on this eve.

Places to visit during Krishna Janmashtami


This Holy city in Uttar Pradesh is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The main attraction of this place during this eve is to see the endless beauty of Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex. Therefore, it’s always worth watching to see how people celebrate the eve here. During the eve, people here show endless devotion to their idol. All the shops, homes, and places in Mathura get turned into as beautiful as heaven. Every temple of lord Krishna here is decorated with immense beauty. People perform a lot of rituals such as doing to fasting, and so on. In the temple, you may hear the melodious songs dedicated to Krishna and Radha, and outside the temple, the local festive market looks beautiful enough to attract you to do some shopping.

Krishna and Radha Leela here will surely make you happy, and you will surely get the inner satisfaction this way. In addition to all, you also must not miss the Dahi Haandi show. It may amaze you to see how easily devotees break the handi hanging at a great height.  The height of human pyramids that they make look gorgeous, and you will surely be full of wonder.


This place has its holy position among Hindus. According to belief, Lord Krishna came here from Mathura after he killed Kansha.  Situated at the coast of Katch, this place, this place is also among one of the Chardham. Therefore, you should feel lucky to have a visit here. The Night full of Garba, Raas dance, and various other ceremonies, and rituals performed during this event make this place looks amazing point of attraction.

If you are here, to enjoy this festival, then you must visit the five stories-high and 500 BC old Dwarkadish temple with its beautifully carved 60 columns and a spire that towers above the city. You may also like visiting the place like Rukmani Temple, and Bet Dwarka. In addition to all this, you may also enjoy things like Dahi handi ceremony, and doing shopping in the local festive market, and listening to the Krishna Bhajan.


Aamchi Mumbai, the heaven of Bollywood, is also famous for its Dahi handi celebration. The Dahi Handi Celebration of Mumbai is popular worldwide. People from various other nations visit this place on this eve just to see the Dahi handi celebration here. With the sweet sound Govinda Govinda, and the song Govinda Aala Re AAla, people here, make the huge human pyramids to break the Handi. The great Height of these Pyramids may make you surprised. It will give you a lot of fun. Mumbai has also the record of Highest Janamastmi Pyramid. In addition to all, the Krishna Leela, Dandiya Dance, and various other rituals make this place more lucrative. If you are in the Mumbai during this festive eve, you must not miss visiting the ISKON temple, or the Shri Radha Krishna Temple. The Temple is full of architectural beauty, and devotional beauty. Also, the smell of bhakti here, can make your day.


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