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Fairs and Festivals of India

Fairs and Festivals of India

India is that the land of colourful diversity and magnificence shines with uncounted fairs and festivals. It replicate the rich culture and distinguishing cultural traditions of this attractive country. A tour to India can’t be termed complete while not immersing yourself in its colourful fairs and festivals. This is the showcase, sweetness of its traditional arts and crafts. Packed with endless joy and excitement, the festivals are a time to rejoice, celebrate life and love the unforgettable experience.

Celebrated with nice enthusiasm and happiness, the fairs and festivals offer splendid experiences to care forever. From the desert festivals of Rajasthan, to the Durga Puja festival of West Bengal. Goa Carnival, to the Ganesha in Maharashtra, to the snake boat fair in Kerala. Tour to India particularly during the fairs and festivals will definitely mesmerize you with its charm.

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