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Ghoom Monastery Darjeeling

Ghoom Monastery, Darjeeling

Along with Religious beauty, the Ghoom monastery contains endless historic beauty. Therefore, visiting this place may take you to the next level of joy. You may feel great to be at such a place.

The holy place is supposed to be built in 1850. In addition to all this, Its architectural beauty is always ready to make you wonder. This famous and one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries gives you real peace and the flavor of spirituality. Therefore, you must visit here. Samten Choling Monastery is another name of this monastery. The monastery is about 7 KM away from the Darjeeling main town, and below the Ghoom Railway station.

Some of the facts about this monastery are really very pleasing to ears, and you may like hearing them. According to beliefs, the first head of this monastery was Lama Sherab Gyatso. He was the best astrologer of his time, and even this time his name is respectful among lots of those who believe in him. The 15 Foot statue of buddha is always ready to attract your view here. Maitreya Buddha or the Gyalwa Shampa are other names of this statue. You should proud of knowing that the buddha statue of this monastery is one of the biggest and oldest in the Darjeeling area.

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