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Hotels in Badrinath

Hotels in badrinath

Hotel Charan Paduka in Badrinath. Hotels with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Hotel Charan Paduka, Badrinath

 Hotel Snow Crest is located in Badrinath. Basking in a superb setting in the shadow of snow-topped Nilkantha, Badrinath Temple appears almost lost in the tatty village that surrounds it. ISBT Badrinath is just 400 m away from the hotel. Nearest airport is Dehra Dun Airport and the nearest railway station is Ramnagar. There are many places where one can visit like Badrinath Temple, Bheem Pul, Tapt Kund, Vasudhara Falls, Saraswati River and many other places.

hotel shankar shree is best deluxe Hotel In Badrinath.

Narayan Palace Hotel the Leading and Luxurious Hotel in Badrinath.


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