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MG Road Market – Gangtok

MG Road Gangtok

A true shopping savvy may never miss visiting the MG Road Market if visiting Gangtok. The place is one of the best shopping destinations for shopping lovers. In other words, it’s the heart of Gangtok that makes Gangtok tourism more interesting.  The market offers lots of unique and interesting things to buy. Some of them are Thangkas (religious scroll paintings), wood carvings, Lepcha weaves, wall hangings, woolen carpets, Choktse (carved wooden foldable tables), etc.

You can also enjoy some unique and very tasty food items here, and it really will be an unforgettable happy moment of your life. Along with doing the shopping, there are some really very stunning things to see. After seeing the beauty you will be stunned. Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Victorian Lamp, and  The “Statue of Unity” are some of them.

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