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Mirik Tourism Darjeeling

Mirik City Darjeeling

If planning to visit Darjeeling or northeast India, you should never miss out to visit Mirik. In other words, if you miss such thing out, you may be missing the most happier moment of your tourism in Darjeeling. Each of these best Mirik tourist spots will surely make your holidays heavenly. Just go through the it it very carefully, and after that, you may plan the Mirik tour in a better way.

Mirik is like a fairyland. The place is so beautiful that every time you see it, you want to see it again.  Mirik Lake, Orange orchards, Pashupati market, and Bunkulung are some of the points of attractions of tourists. Along with these, there are a lot more places to visit. Here, you may enjoy sightseeing, Yak Riding, Street shopping, and many more. Having a top-quality camera with you may take your tourism experience to the next level of entertainment.

Best Places to Visit in Mirik.

Mirik Lake

Visting in Mirik, and missing the Mirik lake is just like visiting in fairyland and missing the angles. Therefore, if you want to feel the real happiness of tourism in Mirik, you should not miss out the Mirik lake. Also, known as Sumendu Lake, this place is really very beautiful and peaceful. Here, you may see Dhupi Trees and the greeny make things look more attractive. If you love boating, the Mirik lake may be one of the most preferred locations for doing so. For those who don’t want to walk around it, the lake has 80 footbridges running over it.

Mirk Tea Garden

Darjeeling tea is worldwide famous, and watching the beautiful Tea Garden is always pleasant.  It may only be the fool to miss out such a thing in Mirik. The Mirik Tea Garden is a perfect example of how good artiest the god is. The place attracts your views every time towards it no matter how many times, and how long you have watched it. You can see workers watering the bushes, or picking ripe leaves.    You may feel free to have some time walking in the garden. Doing it will surely wash out some stress from your life, and you may feel the pure refreshment of the soul.

Pashupati Nagar Market

 If you love shopping, and you are planning to visit in Darjeeling, you must visit the Pashupati Nagar Market once. The Market is 15 km away from Mirik. It offers you lots of unique items. Whether you want to buy stylish clothes or perfumes or handicrafts, or an=ything else, the Market has all such things for you. Don’t worry about the pricing, because you always get items here at comparatively cheaper rates. The Quality of items is not compromised though, and you always get the best.

Orange Orchard

The orange tree looks very beautiful, and you may be more interesting and pleasant to see the collection of beautiful orange trees. The Orange orchard in Mirik may give you the same feeling when you visit here. It always feels like that of heaven to see the trees full of beautiful oranges. Make your eyes pleased by visiting here, and you will never forget it.

Bhagwati Mandir

Whether at the first stage or at last, you must visit the Bhagwati Mandir if visiting Mirik. The temple is a perfect example of architectural beauty and intelligence. Present at the western bank of Mirik lake, this temple is mainly known for Goddess Durga. But, you may also see some other Hindu god and goddess there. Pathways are a bit long though, but your bhakti in Mata Rani may never make you feel tired. On the way to the temple, you may see some small stalls from where you may buy some food items. There you may find many places to take some rest during the journey.

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