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Rock Garden Darjeeling

Rock Garden, Darjeeling

Rock Garden in Darjeeling looks extremely beautiful and its worth watching its beauty. The place is about 10 Km away from Darjeeling. It may take around 45 to 50 mins to reach there. The really attractive picnic spot looks very attractive, and you will surely feel fresh after visiting there. Also known as the Barbotey Rock Garden, the place is beautifully surrounded by Hill streams, and has slope covered with gorgeous flowers.

Therefore, the place looks attractive in terms of beauty and smell both, and that makes you fresh. Chunnu summer-fall enhances the beauty of this place to the next level.  Also, tea surrounding this place makes more than a fairyland. Here, you may enjoy the photography and a lot more thing. Further, on the way, you will find the Ganga Maya Park 3 Km down the same road. Rocky hills and greenery shared by sharp hairpins and extremely steep roads attract your eyes to see it again and again.

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