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Sikkim Tourism

Sikkim Tourism

One of seven sisters and the most beautiful tourist destination Sikkim should never miss out on your list if planning to have the northeast India tour. Sikkim Tourism is full of all aspects of tourism can make your holidays full of fun. Therefore, you will surely enjoy the Sikkim Tour, no matter what you like in tourism. Beautiful scenes, Places for adventurous activities, wildlife, Religious places, and so on, the place is a complete package of entertainment.

In Sikkim there are so many places to enjoy the holiday. But, within the limitation of time, and money, you can’t make a visit to all those places. But, you should never miss some of the best places to visit in Sikkim. 

Therefore, you must have a perfect To-do plan when planning to have a Sikkim trip. Otherwiseit may end up losing unnecessary time and money both. Keeping such trouble in mind, the “ExoticMiles” have tried to make your Sikkim Holiday more comfortable and joyful with its various packages. They offer comparatively cheap Sikkim Tour Package the “Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling 5 Nights 6 Days Package” starting from just Rs 10,595. they plan mind-blowing Sikkim Tour itinerary so that you may have a maximum of tourism experience and joy.

Visiting in Sikkim, and  Missing some of the places, may make you feel like you have visited in heaven, but didn’t met the god.

Let’s see some of the places you should never missout in Sikkim. There, you have lots of fun activities to do.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Sikkim: What You Can Do There.


The Place is perfect to have a memorable tourism experience. Photography, Wildlife, adventurous activities, and a lot more joy to experience there. The Place fits really very well to give you the best tourism experiences. You can capture lots of memories on your camera. Some of the beautiful sights such as Tosmgo lake and Nathula pass are so much beautiful that you just can’t avoid visiting there. Both these places may be perfect to enjoy your picnic in 2020. Doing adventurous activities during tourism makes your holiday more memorable and joyful.

If you love doing some adventures during your tourism, Gangtok never disappoints you. Teesta River in Gangtok gives you the amazing feeling of white water rafting. Yak Safari at Tosomgo Lake, Cycling on Silk Route, Paragliding, Mountaineering, and lots of adventurous activities to enjoy there.

Wildlife lovers may like visiting places like Neora Valley National  Park and Kanchendzonga National park. Beautiful Florae and Faunas like Black  Panda, Flying Squirrel, Hemlocks, and  Wild Strawberries make this park look like one of amazing attraction for tourism. It’s always a happy feeling to see such cute species. Gangtok is blessed with some of the very best religious places.

if having a tour to Gangtok, and have faith in God, you should never miss visiting these places. do-drul chorten stupa and Rumtek Monastery are some of the must-visit religious places. Visiting these places, you feel peace within your heart. The divine effect of these places is so powerful that even frustrating memories of your office workdays may never ruin your happiness. Here, you forget all the rubbish and frustrating things that your boss talks to you, and you the high quality of mental satisfaction. For Picnic, For Honeymoon, and for all, the Gangtok Tour suits everywhere at it’s best. You should also enjoy shopping in MG Road Market.


Just like Gangtok, Pelling is not very different when it comes to feeling the real joy of tourism. On the one side Monestry like Sangachoeling Monastery can give some peaceful time, the other side you may feel very excited and cheerful after visiting Places like Darap Village, and Rimbi Waterfall. Full of eye-catching  Sights like Rock Garden and Darap Village enhance the beauty of this place, and they have always been pleased to eyes. Kanchenjunga National Park here gives you some best experiences of wildlife. You may not miss watching this wildlife beauty. Full of varieties of florae and faunas such as snow leopards and musk dears, this national park keeps top priority among wildlife lovers. Gayzing Bazaarand  Lama Tenzing Market may give you the best of shopping experience. Buying things like Tibetan Thangkas, unique clothes, handicrafts, and a lot more can make your shopping joyful and unforgettable.


This Historic Small town holds a prominent position among beautiful places to enjoy tourism. Full of wildlife, and beautiful sights to watch, and religious beauty, this place is always ready to give you some smiling moments. You can enjoy the wildlife in Kanchendzonga National park. Varieties of species to watch there. Norbugang Coronation Throne is one of the best religious places here to get some peace. Here Three lamas used to gather to preach Buddhism. It’s always pleasing to have your ears to them. The Holy place with a little lake named Kathok Lake is a very auspicious t0 visit. The Beautiful Prayer hall with a statue of Budha, The Prayer wheel, and the Stupa, take this place to the next level of beauty.

This Place offers lots of beautiful sights to enjoy photography. Places like Khecheopalri Lake are full of immense beauty. Sightseeing lovers may never miss seeing such beautiful places.

Lachen Valley

Small but most gorgeous, This place always offers lots of fun. Therefore, you must never miss visiting such a place. This place is widely popular for Lachung monastery. So, It holds an important position in terms of the religious aspect of tourism. In addition, this place also offers incomparable natural beauty to watch. Frozen river is really very amazing to watch here. Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu lakes are perfect examples of true beauty. Natural beauty in addition to spiritual-religious attraction makes this place a perfect tourist destination. Therefore, Feel yourself lucky to have the tour here.

Phodong Monastery

It is one of the holiest and must-visit the place. Symbol of peace, this religious place holds the next level of divine beauty. Visiting in Sikkim, but avoiding Phodong Monastery is a really foolish thing. To get some peaceful time, and to feel the real spirituality, this place is really very best. Not only in terms of religious beauty, but this place looks equally beautiful in terms of fine architecture. Belongs to Karma Kagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism, it’s always proudy to see various rituals here. Eye-catching mountains, chaam dance by monks. and all such things give you a top-class entertainment, and therefore a great tourism attraction.


Finally, you may find that the Sikkim tour has all that you may wish to have. It’s always pocket-friendly, and we the “ExoticMiles” offers great deals.

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