Tamilnadu Tourism

Country: India | State: Tamilnadu

Top Places to Visit: Chennai, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Madurai, Ooty, Rameshwaram, Vellore, Mahabalipuram

Ideal Trip Duration: 3-5 Full Days

Top Attraction : Marina Beach, Mahabalipuram Beach, Kanyakumari Beach, Meenakshi Temple, Rameshwaram Temple

Best Time to Visit : November to February

Peak Season: December to January



Tamil Nadu is India's southern coast State. It is popular with many temples and the architecture thereof. The movie industry and actor Rajinikanth who is revered and worshipped like a deity are also popular in Tamil Nadu. This state offers many tourist spots that are a popular destination for wildlife sanctuaries, temple towns, hill stations, beaches, pilgrimage sites, adventure and sightseeing activities. Tamil Nadu is very hot, in most areas. During the Monsoon and Winter seasons, the best time to take tours to some of the places in Tamil Nadu. You may also visit Tamil Nadu to explore its festivals and cuisine.

Tamil Nadu has one of the biggest metropolitan cities, Chennai, which is also the state's capital. Traditionally, people dress up in this State. You'll find a fascinating exotic culture that preserves its old traditions when blending with the modern times. This kingdom has seen many dynasties such as the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pallavas rise and fall. The customs and rituals of each dynasty enriched the location. The remains of the forts and palaces of the then great dynasties are a great curiosity to explore. Mahabalipuram's intricately carved structure provides an insight into the Indian Civilization's architectural splendour.

Tamil Nadu is Lord Murugan 's land and Goddess Meenakshi 's land but then it is also Mother Mary's abode and St. Thomas's resting place. Tamil Nadu is an ideal place for a pilgrimage tour where not only are the vibrant Hindu temples the haven to seek spirituality, but also to be in awe of the enforcing architecture and rich culture. Tamil Nadu has wildlife sanctuaries such as Mudumalai for enjoying exciting safaris as well as for learning about rich flora and fauna. Also known as 'India's cultural capital,' at the museums and shopping bazaars you will find art and craft galleries that display paintings, murals, wooden crafts, stone carving, pottery and more.

Best time to Visit Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu's best season to visit is winter season, between November and February. Being India's southernmost state, Tamil Nadu experiences a year-round tropical climate. In one year, the State has three distinct weather patterns: winter, summer, and moonsoon. The daytime temperature in Tamil Nadu reaches up to 40 degrees centigrade during the summer season. Tamil Nadu's best time to visit depends on a variety of factors such as humidity level, rainfall, local festivals and current weather. In Tamil Nadu the winter season is perfect for sightseeing.

How to Reach Tamilnadu

You can access the Tamil Nadu via any means of transportation. There are many airports, plenty of railway stations, and well-maintained roads and national highways that take you to Tamil Nadu's desired destinations without any hassle either. Whatever corner of the country in which you live, Tamil Nadu is linked to almost every state and city in India.

By Road - Tamil Nadu also has strong relations with neighboring states and cities. If you live in Tamil Nadu 's neighboring cities or states, you can also experience the pleasure of a long drive to reach the state through roads and national highways. However, you can either drive your own car or you can board a bus to get there by road. There are a lot of buses, both public and private, that frequently ply from nearby states and cities.

By Train - Tamil Nadu state is easily linked to Indian Railway Network. There are many trains plying to Tamil Nadu from all the country's major cities. The Southern Railways provide easy connectivity via various trains to travelers from other states and cities such as Odisha, Bihar, Maharashtra , Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh , Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Delhi. If you're on a budget trip then the most successful way to get to Tamil Nadu is by rail.

By Air - In Tamil Nadu nearly every major city has its own airport. In Chennai, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum, and Coimbatore some of the most involved are. Airway is the easiest, most convenient and most time-saving way of getting to Tamil Nadu. In total, the state has nine airports, both domestic and international, which are very well connected by regular flights to other cities , states, and countries. Although it's a bit pricey, it's the best way to visit Tamil Nadu if you're traveling from faraway states or cities as it gives you access to this beautiful state in a few hours.

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