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Tea Garden Darjeeling

Tea Garden, Darjeeling

Darjeeling tea is very popular worldwide and watching the beautiful Tea Garden is always full of inner happiness. Only a fool can avoid visiting such a place. The Tea Garden is a perfect example of god’s creativity in itself. The more you watch this place, the more you will watch it, and it may be a never-ending process. You can see workers picking ripe leaves, and doing other activities there. You may enjoy walking in the garden. Visiting here is a perfect way to wash out some stress from your life, and you get the pure refreshment of the soul.

Feel lucky to watch the beautiful gardens like Happy Valley and Puttabong. These tea gardens are so much beautiful that even the word beauty appears ugly when comparing to these Tea Gardens. These are the amazingly perfect place for sightseeing and romantic holidays. Therefore, if planning to have a honeymoon, these places are best for you. Your partner will love the beauty of these places for sure, and you will get lots of love in return.

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